Lip Embroidery

$100.00 1 hour

Get a wide-eye look with a go-to technique which saves you time drawing and removing eyeliner every day, and avoid the smearing effect because of fading eyeliner.

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Product Description

Lip Embroidery is a semi-permanent technique that enhance and change the shape and color of your lips. If you have dark lips, you can opt to have them lightened into a healthy pink glow or brighten them into a red color if it’s pale.

The procedure is non-invasive, safe and painless. Achieve a rosy, smooth, natural-looking and perfect pout lips without using lipstick every day. It is a great treatment that helps to balance the look of your lips making it more visually beautiful. Lip embroidery is also applicable to restore damaged and injured lips. This can last up to two years!


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