绣眉68 – Eyebrow $68

Quuen Beauty offers Eyebrow Embroidery treatment that results to perfectly shaped brows enhancing the symmetry of your facial look. The procedure takes up to one hour and we use numbing cream to ensure painless treatment. Queen Beauty will help you tailor the color and shape for your eyebrows or you can suggest your own, followed by a quick and painless coloring, resulting to perfectly natural-looking hair strokes that gives you the perfect arch in every angle.

Absolutely painless, no bleeding and no swelling during and after the embroidery process. This technique can help you save time from drawing your eyebrows every day!

眼线Eyeliner - $98

Eyeliner helps to define your eyes, making them brighter and fuller. Our semi-permanent eyeliner treatment is done in more than an hour; you can choose the color pigment to be injected into the upper or lower lash lines. The effect is expected to last from 2 to 3 years with the proper care.

Our eyeliner treatment is 100% safe for all skin types and looks completely natural; an ideal way to look perfect with bigger and brighter eyes all day and night even without make-up. You can save time drawing and removing eyeliner every day, and avoid the smearing effect because of fading eyeliner.


睫毛 – Eyelash $38

Most women with short and thin lashes don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes or eyelash curler every day. Eyelash extensions are a go-to technique and semi-permanent extensions comprised of synthetic hairs applied to your natural lashes individually. Everyone has different condition of natural lashes but our lash experts can customize each application or you can choose from our various length, thickness and styles of lashes to create your own unique lash design that suits your individual look.

Our Eyelash extension treatment is affordable, safe and comfortable that perfectly results to a natural-looking lashes 24-hours a day. You can now save time in applying fake eyelashes or eyelash curler every day.

漂唇100 – Lip Enhancement $100

Lip Embroidery is a semi-permanent treatment that enhance and change the shape and color of your lips. If you have dark lips, you can opt to have them lightened into a healthy pink glow or brighten them into a red color if it’s pale.

The procedure is non-invasive, safe and painless. Achieve a rosy, smooth, natural-looking and perfect pout lips without using lipstick every day. It is a great treatment that helps to balance the look of your lips making it more visually beautiful. Lip embroidery is also applicable to restore damaged and injured lips. This can last up to two years!