洗脸 补水 美白 祛痘 提升 - Whitening, hydrating, acne, lifting facial

Restore skin clarity and rejuvenate dull and dehydrated skin with facial suitable for whitening, hydrating, acne. Address your skin concern with us and achieve cleaner pores, smoother, healthier and youthful skin complexion within your first visit. Our treatments are safe, comfortable and effective. We use the best beauty products and latest technology that best suit your skin type.

普通洗脸38 – Regular facial $38

We all need skincare treatment especially women; and, regular facial treatment is one of the best you can get if you want skin that is youthful, fresher and firmer.

At Queen Beauty, we offer relaxing and pampering facial treatment that helps in restoring your skin to its optimum health and glow using the best and the most effective skin care products ideal for all skin types. It offers protection against environmental stress and free radicals resulting into a magnificent healthy skin complexion.