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Eyelash Extension

Queen Beauty’s Eyelash Extension is a semi-permanent lashes which are FDA approved. We make use of lightweight individual lash and adhesive that has stronger bond ensuring long-lasting extensions. We are able to tailor the length and density of the lashes to make the perfect set that frame each client’s eyes and facial features. A single lash is applied by hand to each natural lash to add length, thickness and volume to your natural eyelashes. We guarantee each of our clients [...]


Queen Beauty believe that skin is one of the most important part of every human’s body and we care for your skin health that much. We provide a wide-range of the highest standards with effective and safe solutions of professional facial treatments that has been carefully carried out by our certified therapist. Having served a wide base of clients suffering from various skin problems for years, we exclusively personalize each treatment according to each client’s skin needs using the latest [...]

Eyebrow Embroidery

Queen Beauty started out from classic eyebrow embroidery that has now been taken it a step further with the latest Korean 3D and 6D embroidery and considered as one of our specialized service. We have undertaken several extensive training courses and our years of experience have been advanced to stretch out our service to our clients for more genuine looking beautiful eyebrows that could last longer. Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi-permanent and the latest procedure in which coloured pigment is [...]